Gelato in Sorrento Italy, Zini Gelato was my favourite

Gelato in Sorrento Italy

I like Gelato, a lot. Actually I like most Ice Cream, a lot. But there’s something special about the Gelato in Italy. Gelato in Italy is Good and as John Pinette once said, I don’t mean mmmmm good, I mean sell everything and move to Italy to live above the Gelato Shop Good. Yes gelato in Italy really is that good, so, and I’m sure this won’t come as a surprise, since I like gelato and the gelato in Italy is so good, when I was in Sorrento Italy I had a lot of gelato. Now I didn’t go to every gelato shop in Sorrento and I certainly didn’t try every type of gelato in Sorrento and all the gelato shops I did go to were very good but Zini gelato shop was my favourite gelato shop in Sorrento. If you like gelato and you happen to be in Sorrento Italy check out Zini gelato shop. Now Zini gelato shop didn’t pay me in money or gelato to say that, it’s just that of all the gelato shops I tried in Sorrento, I liked their gelato shop the best.

Photographs of Gelato at the Zini Gelato Shop in Sorrento Italy
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