A Merry Christmas Christmas Tree Time Lapse

A Merry Christmas Christmas Tree Time Lapse


I know, I know Christmas is over and New Years is over and here I am posting about a Christmas Tree Time Lapse video I made, what’s with that?!?!  I really did mean to post about this time lapse video before Christmas but somehow in the chaos that is Christmas I got it in my head that I had already posted about it. It wasn’t until I looked at my posts a few days ago  that I realized that not only had I not posted about this Christmas Tree Time Lapse video I also hadn’t finished the previous post about a photo shoot time lapse video, so the previous time lapse post went up a day of two a go and today is the Christmas Tree time lapse post.

Last year I did a Decorating the Christmas Tree time lapse and I really liked it but this year I wanted to try something different. I thought a time lapse tour of the decorations on the Christmas Tree would work so I did a series of photographs moving around the Christmas Tree. Now that I think about it this video is probably a bit more like a stop motion video than a time lapse video but I’ve already called it a time lapse video so for the sake of consistency I’ll stick with time lapse video. I would take a photograph, move a little bit and take another photograph as I moved around the Christmas Tree. I, then, imported all the pictures into my Adobe Premiere Pro editing suite and set the duration of all photographs to, I believe, a half second, perhaps less and then adjusted each photography in the time line to the beat of the music.

Hopefully every one enjoys it and everyone had a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years.

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Here’s last year’s Christmas Tree Time Lapse video hope you enjoy that one too



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