GoPro Time Lapse – Food Photo Video Shoot in a Montreal Studio

GoPro Time Lapse РFood Photo Video Shoot in a Montreal Studio 

Photography and video shoots are always fun and usually make for great time lapse video and with all the action going on at a food photography or video shoot it’s definitely worth setting up a camera in time lapse mode and seeing what you get. This day was just one of those time, a food photo and video shoot with lots of people helping out, photographers, assistants, stylists and chefs, all working together to make something special. A great opportunity for a time lapse video so I grabbed a light start, attached my GoPro camera, I think it was my GoPro Hero 4 Black but I don’t remember for sure, set the GoPro to time lapse mode so it would take a photograph every 2 seconds and let it go. The cool thing with making time lapse videos from actual photographs instead of speeding up video is that it gives you the opportunity to crop in more. This time lapse was all shot at the same position but while I was editing the time lapse together, I had so many megapixels to work with that I could crop in close, crop in to a medium shot or leave it wide. My thinking is that it adds a little more interest to the time lapse video if it doesn’t look like it’s in the same position for the entire time lapse.


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