Wetsuit Wake Surfing in Freezing Cold Water

Wetsuit Wake Surfing in Freezing Cold Water


It was an unusually warm November day when my phone rang, it was a wake surfer friend of mine and he said that he and a few friends thought it was a perfect day for one last afternoon of wake surfing. So I grabbed my Nikon camera and my GoPro camera and hopped into the car and drove over. The boat was already in the water when I got there and the boys were loading up their wake surfboards and putting on their wet suits. Now I totally get that wake surfing is fun, I mean why wouldn’t it be, there’s lots of water, there’s a motor boat, there’s a wave or at least a wake wave and there’s a surf board, all fun things. Where I start wondering about the fun of wake surfing is when the water is so cold you need a wet suit, for me that’s where wake surfing really doesn’t sound like quite as much fun. But really my thoughts on the merits of wake surfing in freezing cold water weren’t that┬árelevant in this situation, I’d never been wake surfing and there was no way that my first time wake surfing was going to be in freezing cold water. Don’t get me wrong they did offer, but the smiles on their faces when they offered told me that they knew that the only way I was going to be wake surfing that day was if they tied me to a wake surfboard and threw me in. No my place that day was in the back of the boat, a Nikon DSLR camera in one hand and a GoPro Hero camera in the other, filming these crazy wake surfing dudes doing what they love, one last time this season.

Maybe one day I’ll give wake surfing a try, it does look like fun, but on this day filming these guys surfing that wake was all the fun I needed.


This video was edited together from the wake surfing footage from the Nikon D750 DSLR camera. I’ve posted another wake surfing video edited from footage from the GoPro Hero 4 Black linked here



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